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SIMPLY the Best!

SIMPLE. Sometimes it just hits the spot like nothing else. Here I have a bowl of quick oats topped with cinnamon, made at the office with just water from the dispenser.

When I plan my meals each week, I like to make my life easy. As long as I keep a canister of quick oats and some cinnamon in the office, I know that a great health-supportive breakfast (or snack!) is just a splash of water away. BONUS for this - I don't have to use the stinky office microwave for a warm meal. If you don't have a hot water dispenser at work like I do, you can pick up an electric tea kettle for less than twenty bucks and heat your water in that.

I have to monitor my cholesterol and blood pressure regularly since I have a history of elevated numbers, and oatmeal helps with both. It’s important to note that I was able to improve these health measures simply by choosing what I put in my face! There is truth to the adage, “Food is Medicine”. It’s so empowering to realize how much control we have over things that we formerly thought were out of our control.

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