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Leap and the Net Will Appear!

Well, hello fellow travelers, and welcome aboard. We're so happy to have you here! This endeavor has been a long time coming, and eventually, the above phrase popped into my head. If we kept waiting until the "perfect" time, or until I had everything exactly as my Type A personality demanded, we'd never be able to start sharing the joy that we know is inside each Plant Based Heart. So we leapt!

About our name - it was chosen to bring to mind a double meaning. The Plant Based Heart is healthy, it's strong, it's filled with yummy, nutritious and powerful foods. But it also means to have an open heart - open to something bigger than ourselves, open to making every choice we make with compassion as the guidepost. It's incredibly empowering to live a life consistent with the values that we all have: kindness to others, especially to those who are less powerful than we are.

About US - our little company consists of me, Bubbie, and my wife and partner of 26 years, Debora. We seem to do everything together, so why not this? Our goals are simple: to show folks how they can choose compassion on their plates to live their best life. This is such a joyful way of living that we just want to share what we know.

So, please leap with us! The net will appear for you too, no matter what you're stuck on! Stick with us as we grow. Social media accounts are on their way, more classes will be offered, new ways of sharing compelling information are on the horizon.

No matter what brings you here - your health, the animals, the environment, or just absolutely incredibly delicious food, we're certain you will reap the benefits of the Plant Based Heart.

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